Connecting your community to fast fibre broadband

If you're in part of the UK that's not included in any fibre rollout plans, we can help

Wherever you are, and whatever you need faster broadband for, our community fibre partnerships model can bring fibre broadband to homes and businesses by building a customised solution to meet your needs.  We can get you upgraded to superfast or ultrafast speeds.

Whether you live in a rural location, a block of flats in a city centre, or you may represent a group of businesses in an industrial park that's suffering from slow internet speeds, we'll work with you to find a way to bring fast fibre broadband to your area.

Where possible we bring together funding from Local Authorities, Government voucher schemes and other grants to help make things affordable - we contribute toward the cost in line with our own commercial model too.

Thousands of people have already benefited from faster broadband after their communities have partnered with us for a community fibre partnership.

Where do I start? Enter your landline or postcode in the section below. If the results indicate you're not part of current fibre plans and would like to explore a co-funded fibre option with us, register your interest and we'll be in touch.

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We're here for you 

Our team provides friendly management and support for you, and your community, through the journey to bringing fibre broadband to an area.  The boxes on the left (or above if you're viewing on a mobile) depict the various stages.

We'll talk with you to identify ways to help co-fund your fibre, and give you advice to make things go as smoothly as possible. 

Faster broadband for your community

  • The first step is to see if we’re coming to your area by using the line checker at
  • The checker will let you know if you can get fibre broadband already, or if your cabinet’s in scope or being built
  • If that’s happening, you don’t need to do anything as the infrastructure serving your home or business will be enabled in due course
  • If your premises show as ‘exploring solutions’ that means there’s no current plan to deliver fibre in your area

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  • If the line checker shows ‘exploring solutions’ then investigate a partnered approach with us to get fibre
  • Use the simple form at to let us know you’re interested in having a community fibre partnership

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  • We’ll send you an email with confirmation of your enquiry and will give you a reference number
  • In that email we’ll attach a template for you to complete with the addresses, postcodes and landline numbers of the other interested parties in your community

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  • This is the point you’ll need to start drumming up interest in your area
  • Talk to your neighbours about getting fibre broadband and the benefits it will bring
  • We can help you go about engaging your community

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  • We work with our colleagues in Openreach to get a ballpark cost to bring fibre to your area
  • The cost we quote will be the money you need to pay on top of the Openreach contribution to the solution

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  • At this stage you’ll need to share the estimate with other members of your community and reach out to other premises (whether business or residential) that would also be set to benefit
  • If you’re still keen to proceed, we’d love to know - there’s no obligation at this time
  • Also please let us know if you’ve decided not to take things further

^ Back to the process steps

  • We’ll give you a firm cost (subject to survey), and will let you know exactly which premises would be covered by the infrastructure upgrade
  • We’ll start the modelling work to deliver you a more accurate cost and create a proposal that you can contract for
  • We’ll send you that full proposal, outlining the proposed solution, and exactly which areas would be covered by fibre broadband

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  • Now it’s time to get the community together to raise the money for your solution
  • You’ll need to pay 50% upon contract signature, and the balance when the infrastructure is delivered - around a year after you’ve signed
  • We can give guidance and material to help with engaging your community, and fundraising

^ Back to the process steps

  • Once you’ve signed the contract it’s over to Openreach engineers to build the infrastructure
  • Deploying fibre can be a complex job, so it won’t happen overnight. Once work has begun, you’ll be able to track the progress of your project through the interactive map on our website
  • As soon as the infrastructure is live, you’ll need to contact your preferred communications provider to upgrade to fibre. Because our fibre solution is part of the Openreach network, you can shop around for the best deal to meet your needs

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Why Openreach

Why Openreach image

More communities are getting together to bring superfast to their area

Why Openreach image

We’re working with more communities to help get them superfast broadband

Why Openreach image

They weren’t in any national fibre rollout so we’re pleased to help them

Why Openreach image

Thousands of people are getting superfast broadband because we’ve partnered with them to help

Why Openreach image

If a new fibre infrastructure also serves the local school that doesn’t get superfast, communities can get a grant of up to £30,000


Why should I consider a Community Fibre Partnership? +-

You'd typically look at having a Community Fibre Partnership with us when:

  • You're not in our fibre roll-out plans, in BDUK plans or are too far away from a fibre cabinet to get superfast speeds
  • You may already have fibre broadband but may want to increase your speeds, for example to get fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) 
How does a Community Fibre Partnership work? +-
A Community Fibre Partnership is where we we work with a local group, or a person representing a community of any size, to find a solution to bring superfast or ultrafast broadband to an area. 
We cover the costs in line with our commercial model and the community clubs together to fund the costs on top of this, we refer to this as 'the gap'.
Why should I have fibre via Openreach? +-

By choosing Openreach, your community will be connected to the national fibre network which brings some key benefits:

  • Choice:  our network is open to all communications providers on an equal basis meaning you can choose which service provider to get your superfast or ultrafast package from
  • Value:  a number of internet service providers can access our network, so they can offer a range of packages and bundles at competitive prices meaning you can shop around for the best deal
  • Choice of technology:  we offer fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) and fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) solutions
  • Sustainability:  a long term solution for fibre broadband provision for the UK, plus we regularly maintain and improve our infrastructure 
How long does it take to get my fibre broadband once I’ve agreed a Community Fibre Partnership? +-

The average time from contract signature to when we enable your new fibre infrastructure is approximately twelve months. This can depend on the complexity of the infrastructure that needs to be deployed, but we always aim for no longer than a year.

How much will it cost my community? +-

This depends on the amount of infrastructure that needs to be deployed, so costs will differ from community to community. 

We'll evaluate everything for you once you've confirmed which premises in your community you'd like to get fibre for, and whether you'd like a full fibre solution all the way up to each property (FTTP) or if you've asked us to provide a new fibre cabinet (FTTC).  

We'll provide costings so you can decide from there if you'd like to proceed - you'll only be asked to cover costs above those of our commercial model and when you agree to proceed, you'll be asked to pay 50% of your costs prior to work starting - when you sign a contract - and the final 50% upon completion.

Grants and voucher schemes are available to help cover your costs of getting fibre broadband, check here in case your community may be eligible.

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What grants and fibre funding schemes can I apply for? +-

Grants and voucher schemes are available to help cover your costs of getting fibre broadband, check here in case your community may be eligible.

BT Group offers an exclusive grant that's available to communities whose co-funded fibre infrastructure serves a school that doesn't have access to superfast fibre broadband (typically <24Mbps).  A further list of FAQs about the BT Group grant scheme can be viewed here.


Do different technologies have different costs? +-
Yes, we'll explain the different costs as part of our discussions with you.  Different technologies require different amounts of infrastructure to be installed, also the level of network equipment and labour needed to provide the technology will also impact costs so the price will differ from community to community. 
Will my community have a choice of which voice and fibre broadband supplier they have? +-

Yes, Openreach provides access to its network to all service providers, on an equal basis. This means that wherever we deploy fibre, a whole range of different service providers can offer broadband, bringing plenty of choice to consumers and local businesses.

What speeds will I get? +-

For solutions using fibre to the cabinet, bandwidths will range up to 80Mbps. Final speeds are dependent on each property's distance from the fibre cabinet but you can typically expect a minimum of 24Mbps at a range of approx. 1200 metres from the cabinet. The nearer the property is to the cabinet, the greater the speed.

Our provide fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) infrastructure offers speeds of up to 330Mbps.  

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