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Hampshire residents team up with Openreach to joint fund a fibre upgrade in the village of Beaulieu

Monday 18th July, 2016

Broadband speeds are becoming increasingly important, so the residents of the Dock Lane area of picturesque Beaulieu in Hampshire were less than content with their super slow internet speeds.

When national news that came out confirming that Government funding to support BT and other suppliers to extend the UK fibre footprint to 95% of premises (i.e. not going to 100%) the community knew there would be no further plans to include their area in the rollout. The residents weren’t prepared to live with the consequences of not having superfast broadband so, working together, formed a small project team. After initial discussions with BT the community and Openreach agreed to jointly fund the fibre build – with Openreach contributing the standard amount for a fibre upgrade in line with their commercial model. There are around 40 premises in the Dock Lane community and all are set to benefit, so the cost has been split across them, thus making it an affordable option.

Jim Rowland, Chairman of the Hummicks Residents Ltd who was part of the community project team leading the campaign, said: “Good communication with the community by the project team involving detailed financial planning meant it was quite straightforward to engage with the community when the time came to raise the funds.

Fortunately we had an established residents association so we were able to coordinate everything by email through the four people on the community project team.”

Kim Mears, Openreach’s managing director for infrastructure delivery, said: “It is great to be able to work with proactive communities like Beaulieu to find a fibre broadband solution. We are working on hundreds of similar community fibre partnership programmes across the UK, which are bringing faster internet access to even more homes and businesses.”

Residents are now looking forward to having a superfast service on the network, which will offer access to all communications providers on an equal wholesale basis, enabling them to choose from a number of suppliers so they can choose the best deal for their own needs.

Benefits of superfast broadband for home owners

Superfast broadband opens up many opportunities, enabling people to do so much more online. For example being able to download films, TV shows or music in next to no time, seamless online banking and the ability for some residents to work from home. But there’s a lot more to fibre broadband than faster upload and download speeds. Everyone at home can do their own thing online, simultaneously. Whether it’s web-based school or college work, live video chats, online multi-player gaming or doing the weekly shop.


Hampshire residents team up with Openreach to joint fund a fibre upgrade in the village of Beaulieu

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