City of London – Ultrafast Fibre

We could be building an Ultrafast network in your area: Fibre-to the-premise (FTTP)

We're building an ultrafast fibre network across the city and aim to reach as many homes and businesses that we can.  

To check if we're coming to you, please use our fibre checker.  If we are, you'll need to contact a communications provider to upgrade to a fibre broadband service.

If the checker indicates we're not coming to your home or business please express your interest by using the form at the bottom of this page.  This will help us deliver ultrafast as broadly as possible.  Your interest may introduce us to the owner or landlord of a building, so we can agree to install the fibre network internally.

Our FTTP network uses the latest technology and is already the UK's largest.

What is Ultrafast, or FTTP?

FTTP is an optical fibre that goes all the way from the exchange into your home or business. It offers speeds of up to 1Gbps. It's sometimes referred to as ‘Full Fibre' because the fibre runs from the telephone exchange all the way to the interior of the property.

What can people do with Ultrafast broadband?

Everything we can dream of now, and more... For example you could pick a film just before leaving the house, hit download, and it would be ready to watch on your phone or tablet almost immediately.

Contact us

If you represent a community or are interested in bringing ultrafast fibre all the way to your home or business please enter your post code or landline to start the journey.