Slow broadband holding back your business?

LogoYou can get help in getting ultrafast broadband for your business with the Government's new Gigabit Voucher Scheme. Grants of up to £3,000 per small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can be used towards the cost of extending Openreach’s full fibre network to your address – that means you will be able to order the highest speed connections from the broadest range of suppliers.

By working with you and other businesses in your area, we can help you get a full fibre connection to the national network, by pooling these vouchers as part of a community fibre partnership. Hundreds of businesses like yours have already benefited from faster connections brought to them through this partnership approach.

The Government's scheme is currently running in four areas and provides vouchers to support the capital costs of getting new gigabit capable connections for businesses. You can combine vouchers toward the cost of an FTTP solution delivered to multiple SMEs, for example, business parks.

*Vouchers up to the value of £500 per home for eligible residents in Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset toward a full fibre connection are also available.

You can get ultrafast broadband for your business and community with a partnership with us that gives you a choice of communications provider through our network. Our full fibre (FTTP) network uses the latest technology and is already the UK's largest, so join us to get maximum choice and value for your business.

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How the scheme works

Payments of vouchers for each SME under the scheme will be made by DCMS directly to us, as a registered supplier, once they have confirmed that new connections have been delivered. So for an FTTP solution with Openreach, that’s at the point the new infrastructure’s live and ready to take orders.

We'll take care of all that for you.

The table below shows example funding scenarios for a full fibre network for communities who partner with us.

Community's cost to get full fibre with Openreach Total amount of vouchers claimed Amount of first payment to Openreach Account of second (final) payment to Openreach
£20,000 £9,000 £10,000 paid via a legal entity £1,000 paid via a legal entity

£9,000 vouchers redeemed with DCMS by Openreach*
£20,000 £15,000 £5,000 paid via a legal entity £15,000 vouchers redeemed with DCMS by Openreach*
£20,000 £21,000 £0 £20,000 vouchers redeemed with DCMS by Openreach*

*After ensuring the SME conforms to the eligibility criteria and has secured an eligible product

You'll find more information about this scheme on the Government's website

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