Grant FAQs

July 2018: Applications for this grant are now closed as the funding is all currently allocated.

What is the grant?

This is an exclusive grant that's available to communities whose Openreach co-funded fibre infrastructure serves a school or registered charity that doesn't has speeds of less than 30Mbps

How do you define 'in the same community'?

The school or charity would need to be served by the new fibre infrastructure that the community is looking to co-fund. 

Are all schools included?

Yes, any school, from primary age through to the end of sixth form, whether state or independent, that falls within the community means that the community would be eligible for the grant, as long as the school has speeds of less than 30Mbps.  The school (or learning establishment) needs to be Ofsted registered - or registered with an equivalent body.  

Are all charities included?

Yes, as long the following criterion is fulfilled:

1. A premise that is a registered charity address, that is registered with the Charity Commission and fulfils the following requirements:

2. The registered charity must be able to provide evidence that they are up to date with their financial returns, (information accessible via the charity commission website)

3. The registered charity must not be under investigation or suspended by the Charities Commission. (If during the term of the contract the charity does become subject to investigation or suspension by the Charity Commission, or is no longer a charity then this will render the allocation of the grant null and void.  The community must accept this risk)

4. The registered charity must not have political or religious aims, this is in line with the BT Group Policy on charities.

5. The registered charity must have its registered address within the scope of the contracted solution, or have their principle activity in the community e.g. a Guide Hut in the community, although the Charity may be registered elsewhere

6. The applicant must ensure that the charity completes the CFP Grant charity application form (that Openreach will provide) in full, in order to secure the award

7. The charity must currently receive broadband speeds of less than 30Mbps. 


How do I apply for a grant?

We'll provide a template for each community lead to fill in, and send back to us – we're keeping things as simple as we can. 

What's the maximum grant I can apply for?

The maximum grant is £30,000 / three quarters of the cost of your new fibre infrastructure. 

Who is governing the award of the grants?

A grant body has been established with Citizens Online to assess applications, with no preference as to the type or location of community.  

How long is the grant available for?

The grant is open for applications from 28 June 2016 to the point that the £2m fund has been exhausted. Grants are conditional on the community raising all of their required funding for their fibre solution and are made subject to a contract being signed within three months of the date of the offer letter.

When does the school or charity have to order fibre?

There is no obligation for the school or charity to upgrade to fibre broadband, it's their decision. 

My community has already got a proposal from Openreach about a Community Fibre Partnership. Can we apply for a grant retrospectively?

Yes, you can apply for a grant up until the point you have signed a contract. The £2m is a new grant fund (June 2016). There are some projects which pre-date it and will not benefit from it. 

If our community has two eligible schools, or a school and a charity, do we qualify for two grants?

No, only one grant per community fibre partnership is allowed.

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