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Latest fibre partnership to bring superfast to new housing development at Edenbrook, Hampshire

Wednesday 28th June, 2017

Latest fibre partnership to bring superfast to new housing development at Edenbrook, Hampshire

A partnership between Openreach, the local network business which is part of BT Group, and developer Berkeley Homes has made high-speed fibre broadband available to around 450 homes in a new housing development at Edenbrook, Hampshire.

The co-funded deal, in which Openreach invested with Berkeley Homes, has proved so popular that ten per cent of households signed up for the high-speed fibre broadband service within the first seven days. The latest figures show that around 20 per cent of residents have now signed up for fibre broadband services.

The high-speed technology has been available from a wide range of broadband service providers since Openreach engineers completed the job of installing new fibre optic cabling and Fibre to the Cabinet technology (FTTC).

Chris Gilbert, Berkeley Homes Southern managing director, said: “I am delighted that Berkeley residents can now benefit from a high speed broadband connection. We were very happy to coordinate the installation of the FTTC cabinet for the benefit of our residents, for whom the lack of high speed broadband is a major frustration. The fast take up from residents proves that in the modern world in which we live, high speed broadband is a service that is very much in demand.”

Steve Haines, managing director for Openreach, said: “It is great to be able to work with proactive developers and communities like Edenbrookto find a fibre broadband solution. We are working on hundreds of similar community fibre partnership programmes across the UK, which are bringing faster internet access to even more homes and businesses. Openreach is committed to making fibre broadband as widely available as possible.

“Around 91 per cent[1] of households and businesses in Hampshire now have access to superfast speeds. UK superfast broadband coverage will rise to 95 per cent by the end of 2017. 300 communities across the country have already signed up to BT’s co-funded Community Fibre Partnerships scheme, with more than 150 already enjoying the benefits of superfast broadband.”

Stacey King, BT’s regional partnership director for the South East, said: “As the roll-out of high-speed fibre broadband continues, it is great to see so many communities like Edenbrook benefitting from this new technology. Fibre broadband is a major step forward for households and businesses. The technology really does have the ability to transform the way people interact online.”

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