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BT at the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) annual conference

Monday 6th March, 2017

BT at the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) annual conference

We’re looking forward to being at the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) annual conference in Birmingham on 10-11 March.  The ASCL acts on behalf of children and young people and is Britain's leading professional body representing over 18,000 school, college and system leaders, across the UK, including primary schools and multi-academy trusts.

We want young people to be and aware of how technology and data are the foundations of today’s society. Low levels of tech literacy among the nation’s young people is a major risk to the economy.

BT’s CEO Gavin Patterson said: “We have a paradox in the UK. Young people are surrounded by technology yet so many are not tech literate.”

He said that “Our future as a technology leader depends on young people getting the skills, support and training they need to create successful careers in science, engineering and IT.  There won't only be more demand for specialist tech skills; many jobs in a wide range of different sectors will require some level of tech literacy.”

Our Grant

We’ve dedicated £2 million to communities with an eligible school to enable superfast access in the classroom, at home and in the community.

Our Community Fibre Partnership grant enables communities that fall into the 5% of the UK excluded from national fibre broadband rollout plans to apply for matched-funding of up to £20,000 toward the cost of their new fibre infrastructure, if that new infrastructure also serves the local school.


Schools and communities will enjoy many benefits from a faster broadband connection, including:

• Young people in the area can become better connected, aware of the role of technology and data in today’s society, and more confident with modern skills like ‘computational thinking’.

• With a superfast connection everyone at home can do their own thing online, at the same time. Whether it’s web-based school or college work, live video chats, online multiplayer gaming or doing the weekly shop. Families can download films, TV shows or music in next to no time and content can be uploaded to social networking sites in a flash.

• Local businesses will be able to grow and access new markets through better communication with customers and suppliers. They will be able to increase productivity and improve customer service through faster upload and download speeds and benefit from increased security through fast secure backup of data.

This year’s Annual Conference is all about Next Generation Leadership and will greet around 1000 delegates across the two days.   The delegates are all key decision makers and members of the senior leadership team in schools and colleges from the secondary and primary sectors. 

Contact Us

If you represent a community or are simply an interested party and would like more information about co-funding fibre broadband to your property then please get in touch with us.

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