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Size doesn't matter for Worcestershire villagers aiming to get ultrafast broadband!

Thursday 15th June, 2017

Size doesn't matter for Worcestershire villagers aiming to get ultrafast broadband!

A small group of residents in rural Worcestershire has become one of the smallest communities in the UK to benefit from an innovative partnership programme set up by BT to help even more people get high-speed broadband.

As a result, the four home-owners at Pensham Fields, near Pershore, will be able to access some of the fastest broadband speeds in the country.

They joined forces with Openreach – the local network business which is part of BT Group – after finding out their barn conversion homes, near Pensham, were not part of any current public or private sector superfast broadband roll-out plans.

The result is a co-funding deal with residents sharing the costs of the extensive engineering work with Openreach, as part of BT’s Community Fibre Partnerships programme.

The project is using Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) technology and is expected to be completed early next year. It includes Openreach engineers laying more than three kilometres of fibre optic cable.

The villagers will have a fibre broadband network capable of delivering download speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) and uploads of up to 220Mbps*.

Resident Paul Murphy said: “As professionals, at times working from home and with teenage children, we need high bandwidth services to meet our growing needs. We are therefore excited to be able to unleash the potential of a pure fibre service through our agreement with Openreach to provide high speed broadband services on a new all fibre network that will meet our broadband needs for decades to come.”

So far, more than 150 BT Community Fibre Partnerships projects around the UK have been completed, with nearly 300 contracts signed. 

Steve Haines, managing director for Openreach, said: “Partnerships like this help us to bring high-speed connections to challenging areas that the private sector would have difficulty reaching alone.

“More than 92 per cent of the UK can access superfast speeds today, and we’re committed to making fibre broadband as widely available as possible in the UK. That’s why we’re investing in hundreds of similar projects across the UK, working in partnership with business and residential communities to deliver faster speeds from a wide choice of competing internet service providers.

“I have no doubt that the residents of Pensham Fields will see real benefits thanks to the faster connectivity and variety of services we’re delivering.”

Ian Binks, BT’s regional manager for Worcestershire and the West Midlands, said: “It’s great to be able to work with even the smallest of communities to help them realise the benefits that ultrafast broadband can deliver. From family life involving streaming high definition and 4k TV through to homework and keeping connected with family and friends around the world to being able to work at home, fibre broadband brings benefits to all members of any community.”


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