Ultrafast broadband: what is it and why is it important?

There are two major technologies for Ultrafast: Gfast and Fibre-to the-premise (FTTP)

Gfast lets us get amazingly high speeds from the same copper pipe that was originally used for voice calls. To put it in perspective, in terms of speed, voice uses about 64kbits, while Gfast offers 330Mbps. With those speeds you could have a 4K TV running in every room of your house simultaneously.

FTTP is an optical fibre that goes all the way from the exchange into your home or business. It offers speeds of up to 1Gbps. It's sometimes referred to as ‘Full Fibre' because the fibre runs from the telephone exchange all the way to the interior of the property.

Gfast and FTTP complement each other. There are some locations where FTTP is the obvious choice, like new-build houses, flats and rural locations, whereas Gfast lets you get a quick footprint of Ultrafast, as it lets us reuse the copper.

What can people do with Ultrafast broadband?

Everything we can dream of now, and more... For example you could pick a film just before leaving the house, hit download, and it would be ready to watch on your phone or tablet almost immediately.

Use our fibre checker to see if you're in an FTTP area. If you are, you'll need to contact a communications provider – some of whom are now offering Ultrafast broadband – to upgrade as it won't happen automatically.

If you're not in a rollout area for FTTP, we can help with a Community Fibre Partnership.  And if you own a small or medium sized business, grants of £2,500 are available toward the cost of getting full fibre with us from the Government.

Our FTTP network uses the latest technology and is already the UK's largest.

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