Businesses with ultrafast broadband wouldn’t be without it

A faster internet connection means you can do more and sell more. You can serve your customers better and attract new ones more easily.

The core benefit of implementing speeds of over 100Mbs internet at your business is the vastly faster connectivity speed and increased bandwidth capability the technology provides. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with ultrafast:

Are you missing out by not having ultrafast broadband for your business?

Firms are getting grants

Four businesses in Stareton, Warwickshire, are to benefit from the scheme. They have been awarded grants totalling £12,000 which has virtually covered the cost of bringing ultrafast to their community through having a partnership with us.

Local business owner, Dr Malcolm Strens, said “The community chose Openreach for our main provision because their network is ‘open’, giving us a choice of fibre broadband providers.

“This time next year we should have some of the fastest internet speeds in the country, after being stuck in the ‘slow lane’ with speeds below 2Mbps, making life very difficult for both businesses and residents.

“For local high-tech businesses like, which builds artificial intelligence on ‘big data’, the ultrafast connections offered by FTTP technology will be invaluable.”

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Successful business don’t think big, they think broad

Business is all about connection. But the digital revolution has completely tipped the balance. We’re in the age of the consumer. Smartphones, superfast broadband and wi-fi have transformed the way we live, work and play. And businesses that want to survive and thrive in this brave new world can’t afford to get left behind.

But achieving all this takes much more than simply having an internet connection. Competing now isn’t just about doing the same things faster. It’s about whole new ways of working.

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