Fed up with slow broadband in Uttlesford and want to do something about it?


If you're not part of any BT Group fibre broadband rollout plans we can help through having a partnered approach. We've worked with lots of communities to build solutions to deliver superfast internet.

Our solution is a Community Fibre Partnership. This is where we work with a local group to bring fibre broadband to an area.

There usually needs to be a joint funding arrangement, where we contribute to the costs in line with our commercial model, and the community self-funds the remaining 'gap'. Our teams build the most affordable solution possible, and even though you'd be co-funding the infrastructure, it could work out much cheaper than selecting a network where you're tied to a single supplier over the term of your contract

If you are interested to find out more please use our line checker and register your details with us and we'll get back to you shortly

Reasons to choose Openreach, the UK’s primary infrastructure provider

  • Our network is available to all communications providers – that’s well over 500. This means there is a wide range of services that provide real choice
  • Our infrastructure already provides a complete network covering virtually the entire country and supporting 28 million phone lines
  • We regularly maintain and improve our infrastructure - £11bn has been invested in improving the network over the last 10 years
  • Capability of delivering both FTTC services (up to 80Mbps download) and FTTP services (up to 330Mbps download)

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